Sad Cafe--La-Di-Da--Swan Song 72002--M-,PS VG+,DJ            $3.25
Sade--Sweetest Taboo--Portrait 05713--M-,PS M-               $4.00
    --Sweetest Taboo--Portrait 05713--VG+                    $1.50
    --Your Love Is King--Portrait 05437--VG,PS VG            $1.25
    --Hang On To Your Love--Portrait 04664--VG+,PS VG+       $2.00
    --Smooth Operator--Portrait 04807--M-,tiny SOL           $3.00
    --Smooth Operator--Portrait 04807--VG+                   $1.50
    --Smooth Operator--Portrait 04807--VG                    $1.00
Sadler,SSGT Barry--The Ballad Of The Green Berets--RCA 8739  $3.00
    --The Ballad Of The Green Berets--RCA 8739--VG+        $3.00
    --The Ballad Of The Green Berets--RCA 8739--M-,PS VG+  $7.00
    --The Ballad Of The Green Berets--RCA 8739--VG+,PS VG+ $5.00
    --The Ballad Of The Green Berets--CA 8739--VG,PS VG,SOC$2.00
Safaris--Image Of A Girl--Eldo 101--M-                      $12.00
Sa Fire--Boy,I've Been Told--Cutting 870514--M-,PS,VG,DJ     $3.25
Saga--The Flyer--Portrait 04178--M-,DJ,PS VG+                $3.00
     --The Flyer--Portrait 04178--M-,DJ,PS VG+                $3.00
Sager,Carole Bayer--Stronger Than Before--Boardwalk 02054—VG+$1.50
Sailcat--She Showed Me--Electra 45844--M-,DJ                 $4.00
    --She Showed Me--Electra 45844--M-,DJ                 $4.00
Sainte-Marie,Buffy--Mister Can't You See--Vanguard 35151     $1.25
St.John,Helen--Love Theme From "Flashdance"-Casablanca 811440$3.00
St.Peters,Crispian--You Were On My Mind--Jamie 1310--M-      $6.00
    --The Pied Piper--Jamie 1320--VG                       $1.75
    --The Pied Piper--Jamie 1320--VG-                      $1.00
    --Changes--Jamie 1324--VG+                             $6.00
Sakamoto,Kyu--Sukiyaki--Capitol 4945--VG+                    $4.00
Salazar--Let's Hang On--First American 120--VG+              $2.00
Salsoul Orchestra--Salsoul Hustle--Salsoul 2002--VG+         $1.75
         --Getaway/Magic Bird Of Fire--Salsoul 2038  $1.00
    VG,plays better
           --Nice N Nasty--Salsoul 2011--M-            $3.50
Salt N Pepa--Push It--London 245--M-                         $3.00
Sam The Sham And The Pharaohs--Wooly Bully--MGM 183--M-,reis $3.00
 --How Do You Catch A Girl--MGM 13649--M-,CO         $8.00
 --Lil' Red Riding Hood--MGM 13506--VG+              $5.00
 --Lil' Red Riding Hood--MGM 13506--VG,SOL           $2.00
 --Ju Ju Hand--MGM 11364--VG-                        $1.00
 --Oh That's Good,No That's Bad--MGM 13713--M-       $8.00
 --Black Sheep--MGM 13747--M-                        $8.00
Sambora,Richie--One Light Burning/River Of Love--M-          $3.75
         Mercury 866292--M-
Samples,Junior--The Bird Mule/The Disorderly House           $5.00
         Chart 1009--VG+
Sanborn,David--So Far Away--Reprise 27716--M-,DJ             $3.00
     --Hideaway--W.B. 29758--M-,DJ                   $3.00
Sanders,Ray & Bill Justis--Loving You--Hillside 76-06--M-    $3.00
Sandpipers,The--Guantanamera--A&M 806--VG+,CO                $2.00
     --Louie,Louie--A&M 819--VG+                           $2.50
Sands,Jodie--Someday(You'll Want Me To Want You)            $15.00
      Chancellor 1023--M-
   --Someday(You'll Want Me To Want You)             $6.00
      Chancellor 1023--VG+
   --With All My Heart--Chancellor 1003--VG+         $6.00
   --With All My Heart--Chancellor 1003--VG          $2.75
   --With All My Heart--Chancellor 1003--VG          $2.75
Sands Of Time--Loneliness/I’ve Got A Feeling                 $3.00
        National General 011--VG+  
Sang,Samantha--Emotion--Private Stock 45178--VG+             $1.50
    --Emotion--Private Stock 45178--VG+                   $1.50
    --Emotion--Private Stock 45178--M-                    $3.25
    --You Keep Me Dancing--Private Stock 45188--M-        $3.25
    --You Keep Me Dancing--Private Stock 45188--VG+       $1.50
San Remo Golden Strings--I’m Satisfied/Blueberry Hill        $2.00
         Ric Tic 118--VG,DJ,WOL,plays much better
Santa Esmeralda--Generation/Another Cha Cha--Foreign         $2.00
          Exchange 10650--VG
       --Generation/Another Cha Cha--Foreign         $2.00
          Exchange 10650--VG
Santana--Hold On--Col 03160--M-,DJ                           $3.75
     --Nowhere To Run--Col 03376--M-                       $3.00
Santiago--Nice And Slow(Disco)--Amherst 715--M-              $2.50
Santo & Johnny--Lost Love/Annie--Canadian American 118--M-  $10.00
      --Sleep Walk--Canadian American 103--VG-       $1.25
      --Tear Drop--Canadien American 107--VG,SOL     $2.00
         plays better
Sarstedt,Peter--Where Do You Go To(My Lovely)                $2.50
         World Pacific 77911--VG+
Satisfactions--This Bitter Earth--Lionel 3201--VG+           $4.00
Saturday Night Band--Boogie With Me--Prelude 71118--VG+      $1.50
Saucers,The--Flossie Mae--Kick 100--M-,repro                 $6.00
Savage Garden--To The Moon And Back--Col 78576--M-           $3.00
Savannah--I'll Play The Fool/Cher Chez La Femme              $2.00
       Collectables 1038--M-,reis
Savoy,Jerry--Where Can A Poor Man Go/Make It Hard For Me     $6.00
      Great 1105--M-
Sawyer Brown--Out Goin’ Cattin’--Capitol 5829--M-,DJ,PS VG+  $3.00
           small date on sleeve
    --The Race Is On/Passin' Train--Capitol 44431-—VG    $1.00
           plays much better
    --Old Photographs/In This Town--Capitol 44143--VG+   $1.50
    --Heart Don't Fall Now--Capitol 5548--M-,PS M-       $3.50
    --Step That Step/Feel Like Me--Capitol 5446--VG+     $1.75
    --A Mighty Big Broom--Capitol 44108--M-              $3.00
Sayer,Leo--When I Need You--W.B. 8332--M-,SOL                $3.00
     --When I Need You--W.B. 8332--M-                    $3.00
     --When I Need You--W.B. 8332--M-                    $3.00
     --When I Need You--W.B. 8332--M-                    $3.00
     --When I Need You--W.B. 8332--VG+                   $1.50
     --When I Need You--W.B. 8332--VG+                   $1.50
     --When I Need You--W.B. 8332--VG                    $1.00
     --You Make Me Feel Like Dancing--W.B. 8283--VG      $1.00
     --More Than I Can Say--W.B.49565--VG,plays M-       $1.00
     --More Than I Can Say--W.B.49565--VG+               $1.75
     --More Than I Can Say--W.B.49565--M-                $3.50
     --How Much Love--W.B. 8319--M-                      $3.50
     --Raining In My Heart--W.B. 8682--VG+               $1.50
     --Long Tall Glasses(I Can Dance)--W.B. 8043--VG+,   $1.50
        tiny SOL
Scaggs,Boz--Look What You've Done To Me--Col 11349--M-       $3.00
  --Hard Times--Col 10606--VG+                       $1.50
  --It's Over--Col 10319--VG+                        $1.50
Scandal--The Warrior--Col 04424--VG+,PS VG+                  $2.00
     --The Warrior--Col 04424--VG+                         $1.50
     --The Warrior--Col 04424--VG+                         $1.50
     --Goodbye To You/Love's Got A Line On You--Col 05471  $1.50
Scarbury,Joey--Theme From "Greatest American Hero"           $3.75
            Elektra 47147--M-
    --Theme From "Greatest American Hero"--Elektra 47147--M- $3.25
        PS VG+
    --Theme From "Greatest American Hero"--Elektra 47147--M- $3.00
    --Theme From "Greatest American Hero"--Elektra 47147--VG $1.00
    --When She Dances--Polydor 47201--VG                     $1.00
Scatman John--Scatman(Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop/Los Del Rio--Macarena$3.25
       (Bayside Boys Mix)--RCA 64415
Schiller,Nina--Without Your Love/Me,Myself And I--Unidisc 703$3.00
Schilling,Peter--Major Tom--WEA 96827--VG+,Canada            $1.50
Schlitz,Don--The Gambler--Crazy Mammas 2005--M-              $2.00
Schmidt,Eric Von--Believer--Pye 90118--M-,DJ                 $3.00
Schoolboys--The Slide/Angel Of Love--Bim Bam Boom 107        $5.00
    --Please Say You Want Me/Carol--Epic 2205--VG+,reis      $2.25
    --Please Say You Want Me/Shirley--Okeh 7076--M-,dull     $4.00
Schneider,John--Still--Scotti Bros 1290--M-,DJ               $3.00
    --Still--Scotti Bros 1290--M-,DJ                       $3.00
    --Country Girls--MCA 52510--VG                         $0.75
    --At The Sound Of The Tone--MCA 52901--M-              $3.00
    --At The Sound Of The Tone--MCA 52901--M-              $3.00
    --What's A Memory Like You(Doing In A Love Like This)  $0.75
         MCA 52723--VG
    --You're The Last Thing I Needed Tonight--MCA 52827    $1.50
    --It's Now Or Never--Scotti Bros 02105--VG+,PS VG+     $1.50
Schumann,Walter--The Ballad Of Davy Crockett--RCA 6041--VG+  $4.00
Scott,Jack--Steps One And Two--Capitol  4637--VG+            $8.00
    --What In The World's Come Over You--Top Rank 2028   $9.00
    --What In The World's Come Over You--Top Rank 2028   $9.00
        VG+,tiny SOL
    --My True Love/Leroy--Carlton 462--VG+,tiny WOL     $12.00
    --I Never Felt Like This/Bella--Carlton 504--VG      $6.00
    --The Way I Walk--Carlton 514--M-                   $25.00
    --Cool Water—-Top Rank 2055--VG+                    $10.00
    --Go Wild Little Sadie/No One Will Ever Know         $5.00
Scott,Kurtis--Moon River--Marky H 100--M-                    $2.50
    --Moon River--Marky H 100--M-                    $2.50
    --Moon River--Marky H 100--M-                    $2.50
Scott,Linda--I Left My Heart In The Balcony--Congress 106   $10.00
    --Don’t Bet Money Honey/Starlight,Starbright         $1.50
       Canadian American 127-—VG-,plays better,SOL
    --I’ve Told Every Little Star—Canadian American 123  $7.00
Scritti Politti--Wood Beez(Pray Like Aretha Franklin)        $2.50
          W.B. 28811--VG+,DJ
    --Boom! There She Was--W.B. 27976--M-,DJ,PS VG+        $3.00
Scrivenor,Gove--Mobile Blue/Goin’ To The Country--UNI 55354  $4.00
Sea,Johnny--Day For Decision--W.B. 5820--VG+                 $2.50
Sea Level--That's Your Secret--Capricorn 0287--VG,plays M-   $1.25
Seal--Don't Cry--W.B. 17708--M-                              $3.00
Seals,Dan--When Love Comes Around The Bend--W.B.18813--M-    $3.00
    --They Rage On--Capitol 44345--VG+                      $1.50
    --Everything That Glitters(Is Not Gold)/So Easy To      $2.00
      Need--EMI Amer 8311--VG+
    --Everything That Glitters(Is Not Gold)/So Easy To      $2.00
      Need--EMI Amer 8311--VG+
    --Addicted--Capitol 44130--M-                           $3.00
    --Addicted--Capitol 44130--M-                           $3.00
    --I Could Be Lovin' You Right Now--Atlantic 4042--M-,DJ $3.00
    --Bop--EMI Amer 8289--VG+                               $1.50
Seals & Crofts--I'll Play For You--W.B. 8075--M-             $3.50
      --I'll Play For You--W.B. 8075--VG             $0.75
      --Baby,I'll Give It To You--W.B. 8277--VG+     $2.50
      --King Of Nothing--W.B. 7810--VG+              $1.75
      --Diamond Girl--W.B. 7708--VG-,WOL             $0.75
      --Get Closer--W.B. 8190--M-                    $3.50
      --Get Closer--W.B. 8190--M-                    $3.50
      --Get Closer/You're The Love--W.B. 45170       $2.75
Searchers,The--Don't Throw Your Love Away--Kapp 593--VG-     $1.00
      --Goodbye My Love--Pye 770--VG,plays better,Canada $2.00
Seay,Tommy & The Sooner State Playboys--Crazy Over You       $8.00
       Pride 5170--VG+
Sebastian,John--Welcome Back--Reprise 1349--M-               $4.50
      --Welcome Back--Reprise 1349--M-               $4.50
      --Welcome Back--Reprise 1349--VG               $1.00
      --Welcome Back--Reprise 1349--VG               $1.00
      --Welcome Back--Reprise 1349--VG               $1.00
Secret Service--Flash In The Night--Attic 265--M-            $3.00
Sedaka,Neil--Breaking Up Is Hard To Do--Rocket 40500--M-     $4.00
   --Candy Kisses/All You Need Is The Music          $2.00
      Electra 45525--VG+
   --Calendar Girl--RCA 447-0575--VG+,reis           $2.00
   --Little Devil--RCA 7874--VG,unplayed             $2.50
   --Little Devil--RCA 7874--M-,PS VG,SOC,stapled    $6.00
   --Little Devil--RCA 7874--M-,PS VG,SOC,stapled    $6.00
   --Breaking Up Is Hard To Do--RCA 8046--VG         $2.00
   --Breaking Up Is Hard To Do--RCA 8046--VG,SOL     $2.00
   --Breaking Up Is Hard To Do--RCA 8046--VG-        $1.00
   --You Mean Everything To Me/Run Samson Run        $1.25  
      RCA 7781--VG-,SOL
   --Stairway To Heaven--RCA 7709--VG+,label         $2.50
       scratches on flip
   --Bad Blood--Rocket 40460--M-                     $4.00
   --Bad Blood--Polydor 2058641--VG+,Canada          $2.00
   --Steppin' Out--Rocket 40582--M-                  $3.50
   --Happy Birthday,Sweet Sixteen/The Diary          $2.75
      RCA 447-0597--M-,reis
   --Happy Birthday,Sweet Sixteen/The Diary          $2.75
      RCA 447-0597--M-,reis
   --Alone At Last--Elektra 45421--M-,DJ             $3.50
   --Love In The Shadoes--Polydor 2058717--VG+       $1.50
   --Love In The Shadoes--Polydor 2058717--VG+       $1.50
Seekers,The--Georgie Girl--Capitol 5756--VG-,WOL,SOL         $0.75
   --Georgie Girl--Capitol 5756--VG+                 $3.00
   --Georgie Girl--Capitol 5756--VG+                 $3.00
   --Georgie Girl--Capitol 5756--VG                  $1.25
   --Georgie Girl--Capitol 5756--M-                  $6.00
Seely,Jeannie--So Was He/He Can Be Mine--MCA 40287--M-       $3.00
     --How Is He?/A Little Unfair--Monument 1075--M- $3.00
Seger,Bob--We've Got Tonite--Capitol 4653--M-,DJ             $5.00
    --We've Got Tonite--Capitol 4653—-VG+,DJ                $1.50
    --The Aftermath/It's You--Capitol 5623--VG              $0.75
    --Blind Love/New Coat Of Paint--Capitol 57732--M-       $3.00
        juke box
    --Tryin' To Live My Life Without You--Capitol 5042--VG  $0.75
    --Understanding/East L.A.--Capitol 5413--M-,PS VG+      $3.25
    --Understanding/East L.A.--Capitol 5413--M-             $3.00
    --Understanding/East L.A.--Capitol 5413--M-,flip VG+    $3.00
        PS VG-,SOC
    --Like A Rock(LP version)--Capitol 5592--M-,PS M-       $3.25
    --Like A Rock(LP version)--Capitol 5592--M-             $3.00
    --The Fire Inside--Capitol 44793--M-                    $3.00
    --Shakedown--MCA 53094--M-,PS VG+ 2 SOC                 $3.00
    --Shakedown--MCA 53094--VG+                             $1.50
    --Against The wind--Capitol 4863--M-                    $3.00
Sellars--One Day At A Time--Mega 1205--VG+                   $1.75
Sembello,Michael--Maniac--Casablanca 812516--VG              $1.00
        --Maniac--Casablanca 2367--VG+,Canada        $1.50
Senators,The--Psychedelic Senate--Tower 434--M-             $12.00
Senenth Wonder--I Enjoy Ya--Chocolate City 3207--M-,WOL      $2.50
Senior Class--Disco Pomp--Amerama 5008--M-                   $3.00
Sensational Dellos,The--Lost Love/So Don't Go--Mida 109--M-  $6.00
Sensations,The--Please Mr. Dics Jockey--Atco 6067--VG,tiny  $10.00
         WOL(number in pencil),plays better
Sensations,The--Let Me In--Argo 5405--M-,blk label           $9.00
      --Let Me In--Argo 5405--M-,blk label           $9.00
      --Let Me In--Argo 5405--M-,blk label           $9.00
      --Let Me In--Argo 5405--M-,blk label           $9.00
      --Let Me In--Argo 5405--M-,blk label           $9.00
      --Let Me In--Argo 5405--M-,blk label,1” label  $6.00
      --Let Me In--Argo 5405--VG-,tan label          $1.25
Sequal--I'm Over You--Capitol 44136--M-,DJ,PS M-             $3.00
Sequence--Angels Playing Hookey--Sugar Hill 793--M-,DJ       $3.00
    --I Don’t Need Your Love--Sugar Hill 783--M-,DJ      $3.00
Serendipity Singers,The--When Peaches Grow On Lilac Trees    $6.00
            Philips 40331--M-
    --When Peaches Grow On Lilac Trees--Philips 40331--VG $1.50
    --Don’t Let The Rain Come Down(Crooked Little Man)    $2.00
        Philips 40175—-VG
    --Don’t Let The Rain Come Down(Crooked Little Man)    $1.00
        Philips 40175—-VG-
    --Down Where The Winds Blow (Chilly Winds)            $3.00
        Philips 40215--VG+,DJ
    --Bells Of Rhymney-—Philips 40309-—VG,DJ              $1.50
    --Run,Run Chicken Run--Philips 40292--M-,DJ           $5.00
    --Same Old Reason--Philips 40236--M-,DJ               $5.00
Sessions,Ronnie--The Losing End/Me And Millie--MCA 40705--VG $0.75
S-Express--Theme From S-Express--Capitol 44181--M-,DJ,PS VG+ $3.00
702--Steelo--Biv 0648--VG+                                   $2.00
Sex-O-Lets,The--Ride A Wild Horse--Chelsea 3053--M-          $3.50
      --Ride A Wild Horse--Chelsea 3053--M-          $3.50
      --Ride A Wild Horse--Chelsea 3053--M-          $3.50
Seymour--I Ain't Got Nobody--Sunny 524--VG+,WOL              $1.25
    --Marie Elena--Heartbeat 42--M-                       $2.50
Seymour,Phil--Precious To Me--Boardwalk 5703--VG+            $1.50
    --Surrender--Boardwalk 11-145--M-,DJ             $3.00
Shacklefords--A Stranger In Your Town—-Mercury 72112--VG,CO  $2.50
        WOL,plays much better
Shades Of Blue--Oh How Happy--Impact 1007--VG+               $2.75
      --Oh How Happy--Impact 1007--M-,CO             $5.00
      --Oh How Happy--Impact 1007--VG-,SOL           $1.00
Shadows Of Knight--Gloria--Dunwich 116--VG+,CO,2nd press     $3.50
Shalamar--Uptown Festival--Soul Train 10885--M-              $5.00
    --The Second Time Around--Solar 11709--G+              $0.50
    --You Can Count On Me--Solar 69765--M-,DJ              $3.00
    --Over And Over--Solar 69787--M-                       $3.00
    --Make That Move--RCA 12192--M-                        $3.00
    --Make That Move--RCA 12192--VG+                       $3.00
    --Dancing In The Sheets--Shalamar--Col 04372--M-,PS VG+  $3.75
Sha Na Na--(Just Like)Romeo And Juliet--Kama Sutra 602--M-   $4.00
     --(Just Like)Romeo And Juliet--Kama Sutra 602--M-   $4.00
     --Yakity Yak/Jail House Rock/Only One Song          $4.50
        Kama Sutra 522--M-
     --Payday--Kama Sutra 507--M-,DJ                     $5.00
Shango--Mama Lion--A&M 1060--VG+,slt ring wear,lg CO         $1.00
Shangri-Las,The--Give Us Your Blessing--Red Bird 10030--VG+  $8.00
    --Remember(Walkin’ In The Sand--Red Bird 10008--VG+,SOL$7.00
    --I Can Never Go Home Anymore--Red Bird 10043--M-,SOL $14.00
Shanice--Loving You/Silent Prayer--Motown 374632169--M-      $4.00
Shannon--Let The Music Play--Mirage 99810--M-,DJ             $3.00
    --Let The Music Play--Mirage 99810--VG+               $1.50
    --Let The Music Play--Emergency 702--M-,Canada        $3.00
Shannon,Del--She--Liberty 55939--VG                          $2.25
   --She--Liberty 55939--VG+                         $4.50
   --Sea Of Love--Network 47951--M-                  $6.00
   --Sea Of Love--Network 47951--M-,Lg SOL           $4.00
   --Sea Of Love--Network 47951--VG                  $1.25
   --Hats Off To Larry--Big Top 3075--VG+            $7.00
   --Hats Off To Larry--Big Top 3075--VG,SOL         $3.00
   --Hats Off To Larry--Big Top 3075--G+             $1.25
   --Cry Myself To Sleep--Big Top 3112--G+,SOL       $1.50
   --Runaway--Big Top 3067--VG-                      $2.00
   --Keep Searchin'--Amy 915--VG+                    $7.00
   --Keep Searchin'--Amy 915--VG+                    $7.00
   --Little Town Flirt--Bigtop 3131--VG,lg SOL       $2.50
Sharp,Dee Dee--Mashed Potato Time--Cameo 212--M-,SOL        $10.00
     --Rock Me In The Cradle Of Love--Cameo 260--VG+ $4.00
Sharples,Bob--Sadie's Shawl--London 1661--M-                $10.00
Shaw,Artie--September Song/Frenesi--RCA 447-0057--M-,reis    $2.50
Shaw,Brian--The Devil Is A Woman--RCA 0058--VG+,tape residue $1.00
     on label
Shaw,Georgie--Till We Two Are Friends/Honeycomb--Decca 28937 $5.00
    --No Arms Can Ever Hold You--Decca 29679--M-           $9.00
    --Somebody Else's Love Song/Wonderful--Decca 29160--M-$10.00
Shaw,Tommy--Girls With Guns--A&M 2679--M-,SOL                $2.75
Shear,Jules--Steady--EMI Amer 8259--M-,DJ,PS VG+             $3.50
Sheep,The--Hide & Seek--Boom 60000--M-                      $10.00
Sheila--Film A L'Envers--Carrere 13593--M-,PS M-             $6.00
Sheila E.--A Love Bizarre--Paisley P. 28890--M-              $3.00
     --A Love Bizarre--Paisley P. 28890--M-              $3.00
     --A Love Bizarre--Paisley P. 28890--VG+             $1.50
     --A Love Bizarre--W.B. 88907--M-,Canada             $3.00
     --A Love Bizarre--Paisley P. 28890--VG+             $1.50
     --The Belle Of St. Mark--W.B. 29180--M-             $3.00
     --Hold Me--Paisley P. 28580--M-,PS M-               $3.25
     --Hold Me--Paisley P. 28580--M-,PS M-               $3.25
Shelton,Ricky Van--Lola's Love/Been There,Done That          $2.75
            Col 77792--M-
Shelton,Roscoe--Question/Strain On My Heart--Sims 217--VG    $5.00
Shenandoah--Changes/Sunday In The South--Col 68892--VG       $0.75
  --Mama Knows/The Show Must Go On--Col 08042--VG,   $1.00
       plays M-
Shepard,Jean--Act Like A Married Man--Capitol 3796--VG+      $5.00
    --(Hey Won't You Play)Another Somebody Done Somebody   $3.25
         Wrong Song/Another Neon Night--U.A. 745--M-
    --When I Dream/This Is My Year For Mexico--U.A. 680--M-$3.25
    --Outstanding In Your Field/If Teardrops Were Silver   $2.00
         Capitol 5681--VG
    --How Do I Tell It To A Child/Did I Turn Down A Better $5.00
         Deal--Capitol 4365--VG+
    --Heart,We Did All That We Could/My Momma Didn't Raise $6.00
         No Fools--Capitol 5822--M-
Shepherd Sisters--Alone--Lance 125--VG                       $4.50
        --Alone--Lance 125--VG-,SOL                  $2.00
        --Alone--Lance 125--VG+,SOL                  $6.00
        --Alone--Lance 125--VG                       $3.00
Sheppard,T.G.--You Waltzed Yourself Right Into My Life/Party $1.00
            Time--W.B.49761--VG,plays M-
    --I'll Always Remember That Song/May I Spend Every    $3.00
        News Year With You--Hitsville 6048--M-
    --Come To me/One For The Money--Col 07312--VG,plays   $1.00
    --Devil In The Bottle/Rollin' With The Flow           $1.50
        Melodyland 6002--VG+
    --When Can We Do This Again--W.B. 8593--M-            $3.00
    --Somewhere Down The Line/It's A Bad Night For Good   $3.00
        Girls--W.B. 29369--M-
Sheppard,T.G.& Karen Brooks--Faking Love--W.B. 29854--VG     $0.75
Sheriff--When I'm With You--Capitol 72901--M-                $3.00
     --When I'm With You--Capitol 72901--M-                $3.00
     --You Remind Me--Capitol 72889--M-                    $4.00
Sherman,Allan--Hello Mudduh,Hello Fadduh!--W.B. 5378--VG+    $4.00
     --Hello Mudduh,Hello Fadduh!--W.B. 5378--VG     $2.00  
Sherman,Bobby--Cried Like A Baby--Metromedia 206--VG+        $1.75
    --Cried Like A Baby--Metromedia 206--VG+,PS VG,SOC   $2.50
    --Cried Like A Baby--Metromedia 206--VG,PS VG,WOC    $1.75
    --La La La(If I Had You--Metromedia 150--VG          $1.00
    --La La La(If I Had You--Metromedia 150--VG-         $0.50
    --The Drum--Metromedia 217--M-,PS VG-                $3.00
    --The Drum--Metromedia 217--VG+,PS VG,SOC            $2.00
    --The Drum--Metromedia 217--VG+                      $1.75
    --Easy Come,Easy Go--Metromedia 177--VG+,PS VG+      $3.00
    --Easy Come,Easy Go--Metromedia 177--VG              $1.00
    --Hey,Mister Sun--Metromedia 188--VG-                $0.75
    --Little Woman--Metromedia 121--VG,PS M-,plays better$2.25
    --Little Woman--Metromedia 121--VG,PS VG,tiny WOC    $1.50
    --Julie,Do Ya Love Me--Metromedia 194--VG,SOL,PS VG  $1.75
    --Julie,Do Ya Love Me--Metromedia 194--VG            $1.00
Sherwood,Roberta--If I Had My Life To Live Over/Just A Girl  $3.00
    That Men Forget--Decca 25515--VG+,2nd press
Shirelles--Welcome Home Baby--Scepter 1234--VG,WOL           $2.75
     --Welcome Home Baby--Scepter 1234--VG-              $1.50
     --Big John--Scepter 1223--VG                        $3.00
     --Tonight You're Gonna Fall In Love With Me         $1.25
         Scepter 1264--VG-
     --Soldier Boy--Scepter 1228--M-                    $12.00
     --Baby It's You--Scepter 1227--VG+                  $6.00
     --Baby It’s You—-Scepter 1227—-VG+,SOL              $5.00
     --Don't Go Home(My Little Darlin')--Scepter 12185   $1.50
     --Bright Shiny Colors--Scepter 12192--VG,CO         $1.50
     --Thank You Baby--Scepter 1278--G+                  $0.75
     --Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow--Scepter 1211--VG+$6.00
Shirley & Company--Cry Cry Cry--Vibration 535--M-            $4.00
    --Shame,Shame,Shame--Vibration 532--VG+,WOL          $1.50
    --Shame,Shame,Shame--Vibration 532--VG+,WOL          $1.50
Shirley & Lee--When Day Is Done--Aladdin 3455--M-           $16.00
    --All I Want To Do Is Cry--Aladdin 3432--M-         $16.00
    --When I Saw You--Aladdin 3362--VG+                  $7.00
    --I Feel Good--Aladdin 3338--VG                      $4.00
    --Everybody's Rockin'--Aladdin 3418--M-             $18.00
    --Rock All Nite--Aladdin 3380--M-                   $16.00
    --Marry Me--Aladdin 3369--VG+                        $8.00
    --When Day Is Done--Aladdin 3455--M-                $16.00
Shirley,Don--Water Boy--Cadence 1392--VG+,WOL               $3.00
   --Drown In My Own Tears--Cadence 1408--VG+,DJ,WOL $3.00
Shirts,The--Ground Zero/Don't You Hesitate--Capitol 4783--M- $3.00
  --Can't Cry Anymore--Capitol 4750--M-,PS VG+       $3.25
Shocking Blue--Long And Lonesome Road--Colossus 116--M-      $6.00
     --Venus--Colossus 108--VG,tiny WOL              $1.25
     --Venus--Colossus 108--VG-                      $0.75
Shondell,Troy--This Time--Liberty 55353—VG+,SOL              $7.00
     --This Time--Liberty 55353--VG                  $3.00
     --This Time--Liberty 55353--VG                  $3.00
     --Angel/Take Me Woman--Cloud 9 133--VG+,SOL     $3.00
Shore,Dinah--Chantez-Chantez--RCA 6792--M-                   $7.00
Shotgun--Early Morning,After Midnight--Double Barrel 2001-VG+$1.75
Showstoppers,The--Ain't Nothin' But A Houseparty/Sherrys--Pop$3.50
           Pop Pop Eye--Jamie 918--M-,reis
Silhouettes,The--Miss Thing/Headin' For The Poorhouse        $5.00
         Ember 1032--M-,repro
      --Bing Bong--Ember 1037--VG+,repro             $4.00
      --Get A Job--Ember 1029--VG,rare orange label $20.00
         with recessed center,number written on label
      --Get A Job--Ember 1029—-VG,WOL                $3.50
      --Get A Job--Ember 1029--VG,flip VG-           $3.50
      --Get A Job--Lost Nite 254--M-,reis,red wax    $4.00
Silkie,The--You've Got To Hide Your Love Away--Fontana 1525  $9.00
Silver--Musician(It's Not An Easy Life)--Arista 0227--M-,DJ  $3.00
            small WOL
Silver Condor--Carolina(Nobody's Right,Nobody's Wrong)       $3.50
        Col 02561--M-,DJ
Silver Convention--Get Up And Boogie--Midland Int. 10571--VG+$2.00
         --Get Up And Boogie--Midland Int. 10571--VG+$1.75
         --Get Up And Boogie--Midland Int. 10571--VG $1.00
         --Get Up And Boogie--Midland Int. 10571--VG $1.00
         --Get Up And Boogie--Midland Int. 10571     $0.75
         --Fly,Robin,Fly--Midland Int. 10339--VG-    $0.75
         --Fly,Robin,Fly--Midland Int. 10339--VG     $1.00
         --No,No,Joe Midland Int. 10723--VG+         $1.50
         --Dancing In The Aisle--Col 8152--M-        $3.00
Simeone,Harry--A Girl And A Horn/La Dolce Vita--20th Cent.245$8.00
Simon,Carly--That's The Way I've Always Heard It Shoud Be    $3.00
        Electra 45724--M-
   --Jesse--W.B. 49518--M-                           $3.00
   --Jesse--W.B. 49518--M-                           $3.00
   --Jesse--W.B. 49518--VG+                          $1.50
   --You're So Vain--Electra 45824--VG               $1.00
   --You're So Vain--Electra 45824--VG-              $0.75
   --Anticipation--Electra 45759--VG                 $1.25
   --Attitude Dancing--Electra 45246--VG,plays better$1.00
   --Attitude Dancing--Electra 45246--M-/VG+         $2.50
   --You Belong To Me--Elektra 45477--M-,DJ,WOL      $3.25
   --Back Down To Earth/Tranquillo(Melt My Heart)    $3.25
        Elektra 45544--M-,DJ,WOL
   --It Keeps You Runnin'--Elektra 45323--M-         $3.00
   --It Keeps You Runnin'--Elektra 45323--VG+        $1.50
   --The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of--Arista 9619  $3.00
   --Spy--Elektra 46514--M-,DJ                       $3.25
   --Vengeance--Elektra 46051--M-,PS M-              $3.25
   --Waterfall--Elektra 45263--VG,plays M-           $1.25
   --Haven't Got Time For The Pain--Elektra 45887-VG+$2.50
   --Hurt--W.B. 49880--M-,DJ,tiny WOL                $3.00
Simon,Carly & James Taylor--Mockingbird--Electra 45880--M-   $3.00
    --Mockingbird--Electra 45880--M-                      $3.00
    --Mockingbird--Electra 45880--M-                      $3.00
    --Mockingbird--Electra 45880--M-                      $3.00
    --Mockingbird--Electra 45880--VG+                     $1.75
    --Devoted To You--Elektra 45506--M-                   $3.00
Simon,Joe--My Special Prayer--Sound Stage 7 2577--VG+,DJ     $4.00
 --Theme From Clepoatra Jones--Spring 138--VG+,WOL   $1.75
Simon,Paul--Late In The Evening--W.B. 49511--M-              $3.00
  --Late In The Evening--W.B. 49511--M-,PS VG+       $3.50
  --Late In The Evening--W.B. 49511--M-,PS VG-       $3.00
  --One-Trick Pony--W.B. 49601--M-                   $3.50
  --Slip Slidin' Away--Col 10630--M-                 $3.50
  --Slip Slidin' Away--Col 10630--VG+                $1.75
  --Slip Slidin' Away--Col 10630--VG+,tiny WOL       $1.50
  --50 Ways To Leave Your Lover--Col 10270--M-,DJ    $4.00
  --50 Ways To Leave Your Lover--Col 10270--M-       $3.50
  --50 Ways To Leave Your Lover--Col 10270--VG+      $2.00
  --50 Ways To Leave Your Lover--Col 10270--VG+      $2.00
  --No Sad Songs--Sound Stage 2602--VG               $1.25
  --You Can Call Me Al--W.B. 28667--VG,PS VG         $1.25
  --Allergies--W.B. 29453--M-                        $3.00
  --Allergies--W.B. 29453--M-,PS M-                  $3.50
  --Allergies--W.B. 29453--VG+,PS VG+                $2.00
  --Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes--W.B. 28389   $2.00
      M-,PS VG+
  --Gone At Last--Col 10197--VG+,WOL                 $1.50
  --Still Crazy After All These Years--Col 10332--M- $4.00
  --Kodachrome--Col 45859--M-                        $4.00
  --Kodachrome--Col 45859--VG+                       $1.75
  --Kodachrome--Col 45859--VG                        $1.00
  --You Can Call Me Al--W.B. 28667-M-,PS VG+         $3.50
  --You Can Call Me Al--W.B. 28667-M-,PS VG+,2" split$3.25
Simon,Roy--Once Around The Worls--Stop 1691--VG+,DJ          $1.50
Simon Said--Smile/Tell Me--Atco 7041--VG,plays better        $1.25       
Simon & Garfunkel--Mrs. Robinson--Col 44511--VG+             $3.50
    --Homeward Bound--Col 43511--VG                      $2.00
    --Homeward Bound--Col 43511--VG-                     $1.00
    --Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard--W.B. 50053--M-$3.50
    --Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard--W.B. 50053--M-$3.50
    --The Boxer/Baby Driver--Col 44785--VG,PS M-         $3.00
    --The Sounds Of Silence-—Col 43396—-VG,SOL           $2.00
    --Scarborough Fair-—Col 44465-—M-,tiny CO            $8.00
Simone,Nina--The Family/That's All I Want From You-CTI 49--M-$2.75
      --The Family/That's All I Want From You-CTI 49--M-$2.75
Simple Minds--Don't You(Forget About Me)--Virgin 1250--M-    $3.00
    --Don't You(Forget About Me)—A&M 2705—-VG+,PS M- $1.75
    --Promised You A Miracle--Virgin 1147--M-,Canada $3.00
    --Glittering Prize--Virgin 1151--M-,Canada       $3.00
    --Glittering Prize--Virgin 1151--M-,Canada       $3.00
    --Alive And Kicking—A&M 2783—VG+                 $1.50
Simply Red--Holding Back The Years--Elektra 69564--M-        $3.00
  --Holding Back The Years--Elektra 69564--M-        $3.00
  --Holding Back The Years--Elektra 69564--M-        $3.00
  --Holding Back The Years--Elektra 69564--M-        $3.00
  --If You Don't Know Me By Now--Elektra 69297—-M-   $3.00
  --If You Don't Know Me By Now--Elektra 69297--VG   $1.00
  --If You Don't Know You By Now/You've Got It       $1.00
     Elektra 65939--M-,hvy WOL,reis
  --You've Got It--Elektra 69269--M-,flip VG,plays M-$2.00
  --You've Got It--Elektra 69269--VG                 $1.00
  --It's Only Love--Elektra 69317--M-                $3.00
  --It's Only Love--Elektra 69317--VG+,tiny WOL      $1.00
       flip VG,plays better
  --It's Only Love--Elektra 69317--VG+               $1.50
Sinatra,Frank--Theme From New York,New York--Reprise 49233   $6.00
           M-,PS M-
     --All The Way/Chicago--Capitol 3793--VG         $3.00
     --Hey! Jealous Lover--Capitol 3552--VG          $3.00
     --Hey! Jealous Lover--Capitol 3552--VG+         $6.00
     --Like A Sad Song--Reprise 1377--M-,DJ          $5.00
     --Rain I My Heart--Reprise 0798--VG+            $2.00
     --Cycles--Reprise 0764--VG+                     $2.00
     --Granada--Reprise 20010--VG                    $1.50
     --I Have Dreamed--Reprise 20184--VG-            $0.75
     --The Moon Was Yellow--Capitol 4677--VG         $1.50
     --Stay With Me--Reprise 0249--VG-               $0.75
     --Anytime At All--Reprise 0350--VG              $1.25
     --If I Forget You/I'm A Fool To Want You        $5.00
           Col 41133--VG+
     --Strangers In The Night--Reprise 0470--VG      $1.00
     --Strangers In The Night/Summer Wind            $2.00
        Reprise 0710--M-,reis
     --Anytime(I'll Be There)--Reprise 1327--VG+     $2.00
     --Young At Heart/Take A Chance--Capitol 2703    $3.00
     --Somewhere In Your Heart--Reprise 0332--VG+,WOL$1.50
     --That's Life--Reprise 0531--VG+,tiny WOL       $2.50
     --Your Love For Me/Can I Steal A Little Love    $1.50
           Capitol 3608--VG-
     --EP-Three Coins In The Fountain/Learnin' The   $3.00
        Blues/Young At Heart/Love And Marriage
        Capitol 1583,33 1/3rpm--VG+
     --French Foreign Legion—-Capitol 4155—-M-      $10.00
     --High Hopes-—Capitol 4214-—M-                 $10.00
     --You’re Cheatin’ Yourself(If You’re Cheatin’   $2.00
        On Me)--Capitol 3744—VG,plays better
Sinatra,Nancy--Sugar Town--Reprise 0527--VG+,tiny WOL        $3.00
    --Sugar Town--Reprise 0527--VG                           $1.50
    --These Boots Are Made For Walkin'--Reprise 0432--VG+    $3.00
         tiny WOL
    --These Boots Are Made For Walkin'--Reprise 0432--G+,WOL $0.75
    --Here We Go Again--Reprise 0821--VG+                    $2.25
    --Drummer Man--Reprise 0851--VG+                         $2.25
    --Summer Wind--Reprise 0509--VG+,tiny WOL                $2.75
    --How Does That Grab You Darlin’?--Reprise 0461--M-,DJ   $5.00
    --100 Years--Reprise 0670--VG+,WOL                       $2.50
Sinatra,Nancy & Frank Sinatra--Somethin' Stupid--Reprise 0561$2.50
Sinatra,Nancy & Lee Hazelwood--Some Velvet Morning           $1.00
          Reprise 0651--VG,SOL
Sinclair,Gordon--The Americans(A Canadian's Opinion)        $12.00
          Avco 4628--M-
       --The Americans(A Canadian's Opinion)        $12.00
          Avco 4628--M-
Singing Belles,The--The Emty Mailbox/Someone Loves You,Joe   $9.00
             Madison 126--VG+
Singing Nun,The--Dominique--Philips 40152--M-,SOL            $8.00
       --Dominique--Philips 40152--VG-,WOL           $1.00
Sinitta--Cross My Broken Heart--Atlantic 89047--M-,DJ,PS VG  $3.00
Sir Douglas Quintet--Mendicino--Smash 2191--VG+              $4.00
     --Lawd,I'm Just A Country Boy In This Great Big Freaky$8.00
          City--Smash 2222--M-,CO
     --Every Little Bit Hurts/Hey Darling--Stone 708,Canada$4.00
Sister Sledge--Cream Of The Crop--Cotillion 44208--M-,DJ     $3.50
     --Thinking Of You/Lost In Music--Cotillion 45001    $0.75
     --My Guy--Cotillion 47000--M-,DJ                    $3.25
     --My Guy--Cotillion 47000--M-                       $3.00
     --Smile/B.Y.O.B.(Bring Your Own Baby)               $3.00
          Cotillion 99885--M-
     --All The Man I Need--Cotillion 47007--M-,DJ        $3.25
     --Got To Love Somebody--Cotillion 45007--VG+        $1.50
     --Got To Love Somebody--Cotillion 45007--M-         $3.00
     --We Are Family--Cotillion 44251--M-                $3.00
     --We Are Family--Cotillion 44251--M-,tiny WOL       $3.00
     --We Are Family--Cotillion 44251--VG+               $1.75
     --We Are Family--Cotillion 44251--VG,plays better   $1.25
     --We Are Family--Cotillion 44251--VG                $1.00
Six Teens,The--A Casual Look--Flip 315--VG                   $4.50
     --A Casual Look--Flip 315-—VG-,Lg SOL           $2.00
     --A Casual Look--Flip 315—M-,block print       $12.00
Skaggs,Ricky--Something In My Heart/Baby,I'm In Love With You$3.00
             Epic 04668--M-
    --Something In My Heart/Baby,I'm In Love With You        $0.75     
        Epic 04668--VG
    --If That's The Way You Feel/I Don't Care--Epic 02931--M-$3.00
    --I'm Head Over Heals In Love/Uncle Pen--Epic 04527--M-  $3.00
    --Love Can't Ever Get Better Than This--Epic 07060--M-   $3.00
    --You Make Me Feel Like A Man/Rendezvous--Epic 05585--VG $0.75
Skel,Bobby--Next To Jesus--Uni 55294--VG+,DJ                 $3.00
Skid Row--Makin' A Mess/I Remember You--Atlantic 88886--VG   $1.00
         plays M-
Skinner,Jimmie--100 Proof Heartaches--Mercury 71952--M-,CO   $7.00
Skylark--Wildflower--Capitol 3511--M-                        $3.25
Skiles & Henderson--Walking Back To Texas/Sweethearts And    $1.75
             Heartaches--Epic 9665--VG+,DJ,WOL
Skyliners,The--Oh How Happy--Tortoise Int 11243--M-,DJ       $5.00
     --Oh How Happy--Tortoise Int 11243--M-,DJ       $5.00
Slade--My Oh My--CBS Assoc 04528--M-,DJ,small WOL            $3.00
    --My Oh My--CBS Assoc 04528--VG+,small WOL              $1.50
    --Run Runaway--CBS Assoc 04398--VG+                     $1.50
Slatkin,Felix--Theme From The Sundowners--Liberty 55282--VG- $1.50
     --Theme-Searching For A Picture/Theme from My   $1.75
        Geisha--Liberty 55487--VG-,DJ
Sledge,Percy--When A Man Loves A Woman/Cover Me              $2.00
         Atlantic 13021--M-,reis  
    --We Are Family--Cotillion 44251--VG+,WOL        $1.50
Slewfoot Five,The--Wabash Blues/That Old Gang Of Mine        $1.00
            Decca 25695--VG,price stamp
Sly & The Family Stone--Dance To The Music/Life--Epic 2282   $0.75
     --Everybody Is A Star--Epic 10555--VG+                $3.00
     --Everyday People--Epic 10407--VG,SOL,plays better    $1.75
     --Sing A Simple Song/Everyday People--Epic 2305--M-   $2.50
     --Stand!/I Want To Take You Higher--Epic 10450--VG+   $2.50
Sly Fox--Let's Go All The Way--Capitol 5552--M-              $3.00
     --Let's Go All The Way--Capitol 5552--M-              $3.00
Small,Millie--Don't You Know--Smash 1946--G+,DJ              $1.00
    --My Boy Lollipop--Smash 1893--VG+,SOL           $5.00
Smallwood,Jenny--Be My Baby--Cinnamon 802--M-                $3.00
Smashers--Danger--Kat Family 02443--M-,DJ                    $8.00
Smith--Baby It's You--Dunhill 4206--M-                       $6.00
    --Baby It's You--Dunhill 4206--VG+                      $3.00
Smith,Betty,Group--Bewitched--London 1787--VG,Lg SOL         $2.00
Smith,Bill,Combo--Tough--Le Bill 303--VG-                    $2.00
Smith,Cal--Time To Pay The Fiddler/Love Is The Foundation    $2.75
          MCA 40335--M-
Smith,Carl--You're Free To Go/I Like Cryin'-Col 21462--VG/VG-$1.00
Smith,Connie--You And Love And I/Coming Around--Monument 219 $2.75
    --You And Love And I/Coming Around--Monument 219--M-  $2.75
    --So Sad(To Watch Good Love Go Bad)/Constantly        $3.00
        Col 10345--M-
    --Why Don't You Love Me/I've Got My Baby On My Mind
        Col 10051--M-
    --The Hurtin's All Over/Invisible Tears--RCA 8964--M- $4.00
Smith,Effie--Dial That Telephone Pt1--Spot 103--M-          $50.00
Smith,Gary--If You Don't Write A Hit Song About Me           $3.00
     Elektra 45230--M-
Smith,Huey Piano--Pop-Eye--Ace 649--M-                      $12.00
Smith,Hurricane--Oh,Babe,What Would You Say?--Capitol 3383   $2.50
   --Oh,Babe,What Would You Say?--Capitol 3383--VG   $1.00
   --Who Was It?--Capitol 3455--VG+                  $2.00
Smith,Jerry--Truck Stop--ABC 1162--VG+                       $2.00
   --Lil' Ole Me--Sound 7 Stage 254--M-,DJ           $2.00
Smith,Kate--Anyone Can Move A Mountain--RCA 9217--VG,DJ      $1.00
  --God Bless America--Tops 319--M-                 $15.00
Smith,Keely--The Wonder Of You--Reprise 0482--VG+,DJ         $2.00
    --What Kind Of Fool Am I?--Dot 16386--VG-,DJ         $2.00
    --You're Breaking My Heart--Reprise 0346--VG+,DJ,XOL $2.50
    --I Can't Get You Out Of My Heart--Reprise 0303--VG- $1.00
    --Turn Around Look at Me--Reprise 0303--VG,DJ,XOL    $1.50
Smith,Margo--So Close Again/Love's Explosion--W.B. 8339--VG, $1.00
      plays M-
   --Still A Woman/Tennessee Sandman--W.B. 8726--M-  $3.00
   --Still A Woman/Tennessee Sandman--W.B. 8726--M-  $3.00
Smith,Michael W.--For You--Reunion 19103--M-                 $3.00
        --For You--Reunion 19103--M-                 $3.00
Smith,O.C.--Love To Burn--Shady Brook 1045--M-               $3.00
  --Love To Burn--Shady Brook 1045--M-               $3.00
  --Love To Burn--Shady Brook 1045--VG+              $1.50
  --Me And You/Can't Get My Eyes Off You--Col 45038  $3.50
Smith,Patti,Group--Frederick--Arista 0427--VG                $0.75  
Smith,Patty--No Mistakes/River Of Love--MCA 54554--M-        $3.00
Smith,Ray--Put Your Arms Around Me Honey--Judd 1017--VG      $3.00
Smith,Rex--Woman--Col 11271--VG+                             $1.50
 --You Take My Breath Away--Col 10908--M-,PS VG,SOC  $3.00
Smith,Rex & Rachel Sweet--Everlasting Love--Col 02169--VG+,DJ$1.25
             same flip has audible scratch
Smith,Sammi--It's Not My Way/What A Lie--Cyclone 100--M-     $3.00
   --It's Not My Way/What A Lie--Cyclone 100--M-     $3.00
   --It's Not My Way/What A Lie--Cyclone 100--VG+    $1.50
   --The Letter--Cyclone 104--M-                     $3.00
   --Help Me Make It Through The Night--Mega0015--VG+$3.50
   --Help Me Make It Through The Night--Mega0015--VG $1.75
Smith,Somethin' & The Redheads--Ev'ry Night At Nine O'Clock  $2.00
           Epic 9247--VG
    --You Always Hurt The One You Love--Epic 9221--VG,Lg SOL$1.75
Smith,Whistling Jack--I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman/The British $6.00
                 Grin And Bear--Deram 85005--M-
            --I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman/The British $1.50
                 Grin And Bear--Deram 85005--VG
Smoke Ring--No Not Much--Buddah 77--M-                       $5.00
Smothers,Dick--Saturday Night At The World--Mercury 72717--VG+$4.00
Sniff 'n' The Tears--Driver’s Seat--Atlantic 3604--M-        $3.00
Snow,Phoebe--Poetry Man--Shelter 40353--M-                   $3.50
Snuff--(So This Is)Happy Hour--Elektra 69996--M-,DJ          $3.25
Snyder,Bill--Drifting Sands--Tower 1473--VG                  $4.00
Sober,Errol--Heart To Heart--Number 1 215--M-                $3.50
   --Heart To Heart--Number 1 215--M-                $3.50
Soft Cell--What!/A Man Could Get Lost--Some Bizaare 2314--M- $4.00
Solitaires,The--Walkin' And Talkin'--Old Town 1049--M-,repro $5.50
      --Walkin' And Talkin'--Old Town 1049--M-,repro $5.50
Some,Belouis--Imagination--Capitol 5464--M-,DJ,PS VG         $3.00
    --Some People--Capitol 5492--M-,DJ,PS M-         $3.25
Sommer,Bert--We're All Playing In The Same Band              $2.00
      Eleuthera 470--VG+
Sommers,Joanie--Ruby Duby Du/Bob White(Whatcha Gonna Swing   $5.00
         Tonight)--W.B. 5183--VG+,WOL,SOL
Somethin' Smith & The Redheads--You Made Me Love You/I Don't $2.00
          Want To Set The Word On Fire--Epic 9280--VG
Sonny (of Sonny & Char)--Laugh At Me--Atco 6369--M-           $8.00
    --Laugh At Me--Atco 6369--M-,CO                  $8.00
    --Laugh At Me--Atco 6369--VG                     $3.00
    --But You're Mine--Atco 6381--M-,CO              $8.00
    --But You're Mine--Atco 6381--VG                 $2.00
Sonny & Cher--Circus--Atco 6555--M-                          $8.00
    --Plastic Man--Atco 6486--G+,WOL                 $1.00
    --Just You--Atco 6345--VG+                       $4.50
    --Baby Don't Go--Reprise 0392--VG                $1.75
    --Baby Don't Go--Reprise 0392--VG                $1.75
    --Baby Don't Go--Reprise 0392--VG,SOL            $1.50
    --All I Ever Need Is You--Kapp 2151--VG+         $2.00
    --All I Ever Need Is You--Kapp 2151--VG+,SOL     $2.00
    --When You Say You Love Me--Kapp 2176--VG+       $2.00
    --Little Man--Atco 6440—M-,SOL                   $7.00
    --Little Man--Atco 6440--VG,WOL                  $1.50
    --What Now My Love--Atco 6395--VG+               $3.00
    --What Now My Love--Atco 6395--VG,SOL            $1.50
Sons Of The Pioneers--Tumbling Tumbleweeds/Cool Water        $1.00  
               RCA 447-0565--VG+,reis
    --Tumbling Tumbleweeds/Cool Water--RCA 447-0565--M-,reis $2.00
Sophomores,The--Linda--Dawn 218--G+,SOL,WOL                  $4.00
Sopwith Camel,The--Postcard From Jamaica--Kama Sutra 224     $5.00
S.O.S Band,The--Take Your Time(Do It Right)Part 1            $1.50
         Tabu 5522--VG+
   --The Finest--Tabu 05848--M-,PS VG+               $3.00
   --The Finest--Tabu 05848--VG+,PS VG-              $1.50
   --Just The Way I Like It--Tabu 04523--M-,DJ,PS VG $3.00
Soul,David--Don't Give Up On Us--Private Stock 45129--M-     $4.00
  --Don't Give Up On Us--Private Stock 45129--M-,WOL $3.75
  --Don't Give Up On Us--Private Stock 45129--VG+    $2.00
  --Don't Give Up On Us--Private Stock 45129--VG+    $2.00
Soul,Jimmy--If You Wanna Be Happy--S.P.R.Q. 3305--VG+       $10.00
Soul Survivors,The--Turn Out The Fire--Atco 6627--M-,CO      $6.00
Sound 80--Whiter Shade Of Pale--A&M 331--VG+                 $1.25
Sounds Orchestral--Cast Your Fate To The Wind--Parkway 942   $3.00
   --Cast Your Fate To The Wind--Parkway 942--VG     $2.00
    plays better
   --A Boy And A Girl--Parkway 968--VG+              $2.75
South,Joe--Games People Play--Capitol 2248--VG               $1.50
     --Games People Play/These Are Not My People         $1.75
        Capitol 6160--M-,reis
     --The Purple People Eater Meets The Witch Doctor    $7.00
         NRC 5000--VG+,WOL
Southern Pacific--Midnight Highway--W.B.27952--M-,PS VG,SOC  $3.00
Southroad Connection--You Like It,We Love It--Mahogany 1277  $3.00
  --You Like It,We Love It--Mahogany 1277--M-        $3.00
South Shore Commission--Train Called Freedom--Wand 11294--VG-$0.75
South Side Coalition--Get Off Your Seats And Jam             $3.50
               Brown Dog 9007--M-
    --Get Off Your Seats And Jam--Brown Dog 9007--M-         $3.50
    --Get Off Your Seats And Jam--Brown Dog 9007--M-         $3.50
    --(Don't Cha Wanna)Get Down Get Down--Brown Dog 9012--M-$3.50
    --(Don't Cha Wanna)Get Down Get Down--Brown Dog 9012--M-$3.50
    --(Don't Cha Wanna)Get Down Get Down--Brown Dog 9012--M-$3.50
Souther,The,Hillman,Furay Band--Trouble In Paradise          $2.75
       Asylum 45267--M-,DJ
Souther,J.D.--You're Only Lonely--Col 1107--VG               $0.75
Southerland Brothers And Quiver--Rock And Roll Show          $1.50
      Island 1217--VG+
Sovine,Red--I'll Come Back/Down Through The Years--Chart 5220$2.75
Spandau Ballet--Only When You Leave--Chrysalis 42792---VG+    $1.50
      --Only When You Leave---Chrysalis 42792--VG+    $1.50
Spaniels--Stormy Weather--Lost-Nite 298--M-,reis             $4.00
Spanky And Our Gang--Sunday Mornin'--Mercury 72765--M-,CO    $4.50
     --Sunday Mornin'--Mercury 72765--M-,CO                $4.50
     --Sunday Mornin'--Mercury 72765--M-,CO                $4.50
     --Sunday Mornin'/Sunday Will Never Be The Same        $0.75
          Mercury 30168--VG,reis
     --Anything You Choose--Mercury DJ-114(72890)--M-,DJ   $6.00
     --Yesterday's Rain--Mercury DJ-106(72871)--M-,DJ      $6.00
Sparks--Beat The Clock--Elektra 90157--VG+                   $1.50
      --Beat The Clock--Elektra 90157--VG                    $0.75
Sparks And Jane Wiedlin--Cool Places--Atlantic 89866--M-,DJ  $3.50
Spears,Billie Jo--Blanket On The Ground/Come On Home         $2.75
         U.A. 584--M-
    --Before Your Time/Stay Away From The Apple Tree     $2.75
         U.A. 653--M-
    --Before Your Time/Stay Away From The Apple Tree     $2.75
         U.A. 653--M-
    --Don't Ever Let Go Of Me/If You Want Me--U.A.985--VG$0.75
    --Misty Blue/Let's Try To Wake It Up Again--U.A. 813 $1.50
Special Delivery--Come Back With Your Love--Mainstream 5584  $4.00
    --Come Back With Your Love--Mainstream 5584--M-      $4.00
    --Come Back With Your Love--Mainstream 5584--M-      $4.00
    --Come Back With Your Love--Mainstream 5584--M-      $4.00
    --Come Back With Your Love--Mainstream 5584--M-      $4.00
    --The Lonely One--Mainstream 5581--M-                $4.00
    --The Lonely One--Mainstream 5581--M-                $4.00
    --The Lonely One--Mainstream 5581--M-                $4.00
    --The Lonely One--Mainstream 5581--M-                $4.00
    --I Destroyed Your Love--Mainstream 5573--M-         $4.00
    --I Destroyed Your Love--Mainstream 5573--M-         $4.00
    --I Destroyed Your Love--Mainstream 5573--M-         $4.00
    --I Destroyed Your Love--Mainstream 5573--M-         $4.00
    --I Destroyed Your Love--Mainstream 5573--M-         $4.00
Spector,Ronnie--Paradise/When I Saw You--Warner/Spector 0409 $5.00
     --Tonight/Darlin'--Polish 202--M-                     $6.00
     --Tonight/Darlin'--Polish 202--M-                     $6.00
     --Who Can Sleep--Col 07082--M-,PS VG+                 $5.00
     --Try Some,Buy Some--Apple 1832--VG+,PS VG+           $4.00
Spies,The--Hard To Lose/25 Years Of Rock--Lon View 8009      $5.00
        VG+,PS VG
Spin Doctors--You Let Your Heart Go Too Fast--Epic 77600--VG+$1.75
Spinners,The--Working My Way Back To You--Atlantic 3637--G+  $0.50
     --Could It Be I'm Falling In Love--Atlantic 2927--VG+ $1.75
     --Could It Be I'm Falling In Love/Ghetto Child        $1.00
        Atlantic 13144--VG+,reis
     --Sadie--Atlantic 3268--M-                            $3.00
     --Sadie--Atlantic 3268--M-                            $3.00
     --Living A Little,Laughing A Little--Atlantic 3252--M-$3.00
     --Living A Little,Laughing A Little--Atlantic 3252--M-$3.00
         small WOL
     --You're Throwing A Good Love Away--Atlantic 3382--M- $3.00
     --You're Throwing A Good Love Away--Atlantic 3382--M- $3.00
     --Spaceballs--Atlantic 89226--M-                      $3.00
     --So Far Away--Atlantic 89962--M-                     $3.00
     --They Just Can't Stop It(Games People Play)          $1.50
          Atlantic 3284--VG+
     --Ghetto Child--Atlantic 2973--M-,XOL                 $3.00
     --The Rubberband Man--Atlantic 3355--M-               $3.00
Spiral Staircase--She’s Ready--Col 45048--M-                 $8.00
Spirit--1984--Ode 128--VG+                                   $2.00
Spiro,Lee--In The Summer Rain/Little Bird--Ranwood 927--M-,DJ$3.50
Spokesmen,The--Michelle--Decca 31895--M-                     $8.00
Spookie--Don't Walk Away--Col 07782--M-,DJ,PS M-             $3.00
Spoons--Symmetry/Nove Heart--Ready 201--M-,Canada            $3.00
    --Symmetry/Nove Heart--Ready 201--M-,Canada            $3.00
    --Don't Shoot The Messenger/The Rhythm--Ready 392--M-  $3.00
Sports,The--Who Listens To The Radio--Arista 0468--VG+       $1.75
Springfield Family--The Sounds Of Disco--Arrest 100--M-      $2.00               
Springfield,Dusty--Breakfast In Bed--Atlantic 2606--M-,CO    $6.00
     --You Don't Have To Say You Love Me--Philips 40371  $2.50
     --Stay Awhile--Philips 40180--VG,Canada             $1.75
Springfield,Rick--Bop 'Til You Drop/Taxi Dancing             $3.50
               RCA 13861--M-     
     --Souls--RCA 13650--VG                              $0.75
     --I've Done Everything For You--RCA 12166--M-,PS VG $3.00
     --I've Done Everything For You--RCA 12166--M-       $3.50
     --Don't Talk To Strangers--RCA 13070--VG,plays M-   $1.00
     --Archangel--Chesea 3051--M-                        $3.00
     --Archangel--Chesea 3051--M-                        $3.00
     --Archangel--Chesea 3051--M-                        $3.00
     --Jessie's Girl--RCA 12201--M-                      $3.00
     --Honeymoon In Beirut--RCA 8391--M-                 $3.00
     --Love Somebody--RCA 13738--VG+,PS M-,tiny SOC      $1.75
Springfields,The--Silver Threads And Golden Needles         $12.00
           Philips 40038--M-,SOL
Springsteen,Bruce--Born In The U.S.A.--Col 04680--VG+        $2.00
  --I'm Goin' Down--Col 05603--VG+,PS VG-            $1.75
  --I'm Goin' Down--Col 05603--VG,PS VG+             $1.50
  --Fire--Col 06657--M-,PS M-                        $3.50
  --My Hometown/Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town        $5.00
       Col 05728--M-,PS M-
  --My Hometown/Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town        $2.50
     Col 05728--VG+,PS M-
  --My Hometown/Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town        $1.25
       Col 05728--VG
  --Hungry Heart--Col 11391--M-                      $3.50
  --Hungry Heart--Col 11391--VG+                     $1.75
  --Born To Run/Spirit In The Night--Col 33323       $2.00
  --Glory Days--Col 04924--VG+,SOL,PS M-             $3.00
  --Glory Days--Col 04924--VG+                       $2.00
  --Glory Days--Col 04924--VG+                       $2.00
  --I'm On Fire--Col 04772--M-,PS VG                 $3.25
  --I'm On Fire--Col 04772--M-                       $3.00
  --I'm On Fire--Col 04772--VG+,PS VG                $1.75
  --Dancing In The Dark--Col 04463--VG+,PS VG        $1.75
  --Better Days--Col 74723--VG+                      $1.75
  --Brilliant Disguise--Col 07595--M-,PS M-          $3.25
  --Fade Away--Col 11431--VG+,PS M-                  $2.00
  --Cover Me--Col 04561--M-,PS M-                    $4.00
  --Fade Away/Hungry Heart--Col 03243--M-,reis       $2.00
  --Pink Cadillac--Col 04463--VG+                    $2.00  
Spyro Gyra--Soho Mojo--MCA 52140--M-                         $3.00
  --Stripes/Last Exit--MCA 52172--M-                 $2.75
  --Morning Dance--Infinity 50011--M-                $3.00
  --Morning Dance--Infinity 50011--M-                $3.00
Squeeze--Another Nail In My Heart--A&M 1616,tiny hip pocket  $5.00
       record--M-,PS M-
Squier,Billy--Everybody Wants You--Capitol 5163--M-          $3.00
    --The Stroke--Capitol 5005--M-                   $3.25